7 No-Nos That First Time Moms In Labor Constantly Do

Many first-time moms that are preparing for the birth of their babies are unaware of things that they must not do while they are in labor because it will only make the experience that much more difficult. And it is understandable that those first-time moms that go into labor are not aware of the big no-nos that they should not do because going through labor is trying enough – and while doing things that are not advisable will only make the unpleasant experience far more unpleasant. Let’s take a look at 7 childbirth no-nos that first-time moms have done, and regretted later on:

Going For A Fatty Or Greasy Meal – In the early stages of labor, the mom will not be terribly uncomfortable because that does involve lighter and irregular contractions with lower back pain. Sometimes early labor is not distinguishable between the Brampton-Hicks contractions that are felt much earlier on because of the irregularity. However, the lower back pain is a sign that active labor is on the way. And this means it can be quite imminent. Yes, it is important to eat while in labor but to only stick to light foods that have complex carbs to provide the energy that mom will need during a difficult time. But stay away from anything that is high fat and greasy, for instance, if you are in the early stages of labor and you are yearning for a burger and fries, you will regret it because you are going to have plenty of digestive upsets which will only make the labor experience even that more unpleasant.

Arriving At The Hospital Too Early – If your contractions are irregular and there is no pattern to it, and you go to the hospital, you are going to be sent right back home which will only add to the frustration. And it will be a letdown because this is when the mom-to-be will be excited and mentally preparing herself for the day! And it still might end up being the day if things speed up fast, but unless the contractions are starting to happen every 4 to 5 minutes and are regular, then it is best to stay home to avoid that disappointment.

Staying Still – At one time it was believed that staying still in a horizontal position was what was needed to be done while a pregnant woman was in labor to make it smoother. But the fact of the matter is, it is best to walk around and be as mobile as possible as that will also help move things along and make you more comfortable as well.

Stay Awake During Early Labor – The worst thing you can do is if you know you are in early labor and not at the point of running to the hospital is by staying awake. This is just like watching a pot of water boil, which you know takes forever! With that said, it is advisable to sleep and allow things to work itself out. Once you wake up there is a good chance that the real thing is on its way.

Being Stuck On Sticking To The Birth Plan – It is always a good idea to have a birth plan in place but it is also a known fact that anything can change due to unforeseen circumstances. You will need to be flexible as far as allowing the changes to the birth plan to be made accordingly because it can change depending on how the labor goes.

Not Drinking That H2O – The one mistake that new moms in labor make is that they do not properly hydrate themselves, and this will only lead to miserable labor with added nausea. It is best to stay hydrated to make the labor as smooth as possible and stick to taking in small sips of water or sucking on ice chips.

Being Shy To Ask Questions – Many first-time moms in labor are afraid to ask the questions that should be asked during the big day. For instance, if you are struggling in pain due to the contractions but you are afraid to ask when the epidural is coming, then don’t be afraid to ask, just ask. The worst that can happen is that you will be told to wait because you are not ready to receive it. But ask all of the questions possible that you have! Now you know what things not to do during labor, because you want to make your experience as smooth as possible, and be sure to follow these tips to increase the chances of that happening. Good luck!

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